Tagline: Until the Work Is Done


In an era where our civil rights are at risk, LGBT protections are commandeered by the cruel hand of hate, and reckless rhetoric promotes bigotry and division, we have but one choice to be unified in how we respond and fight for what’s right.

We must resist all hate and boldly stand up when hate infiltrates our schools, workplaces and communities because hate anywhere hinders our ability to ensure equality, justice and health for all.

We want all Californians to know that whoever you are – LGBTQ, Muslim, undocumented or a member of any other group that is being targeted or is feeling less safe right now – we stand with you and will fight for love and inclusion alongside you.
That’s why we recently launched a campaign that will feature #ResistHate billboards across California.

Join us to resist hate and promote love, unity and California pride: